Greetings, cyborgs, robots, and natural humans!

It's been a while since we've had an update here on, but that doesn't mean that things haven't been ongoing. With that in mind, it seemed like past time to announce the upcoming launch of Robot Overlordz 2.0, AKA Series 2.

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What is Series 2?

Series 2 is the revised podcast that you know and love with a few changes. Going forward, the show is going to be hosted by original creator and co-host Mike Johnston. The exact format is still a work in progress, but we've got a long list of interesting guests that are waiting in the wings. We're also working with fellow futurist podcasts (such as Review The Future and the Singularity Bros) on some new enhancements to the futurology community. So, many changes are afoot...

When is Series 2 launching?

We're still determining the exact launch timeframe, but this is definitely happening soon. More details will be announced as they're available... so stay tuned to this space.