“Faced with a networked future that seems to favor the distracted over the focused, the automatic over the considered, and the contrary over the compassionate, it’s time to press the pause button and ask what all this means to the future of our work, our lives, and even our species.” 

—Douglas Rushkoff, Program Or Be Programmed, Ten Commands For A Digital Age, pg. 10



Greetings, cyborgs, robots, and natural humans!!


Today's quote is a perfect example to me of the kinds of things we should be thinking about, as a society, that are all too often just swept under the rug or left for others to clean up the mess on. The way the Internet has transformed from a very idiosyncratic and grassroots level to a far more industrial/corporate model is the perfect example of the thing that this quote is warning us about. All too many of us are content for our phones to distract us from the world around us, to miss the things going on right under our noses. It's also a good quote for starting new beginnings, as I hope to do on this website now.