Pat Helmers is the host of the Sales Babble podcast and creator of the Selling With Confidence sales system. Pat believes that anyone can grow their  confidence in persuading, convincing and influencing others.  He does this through his self-paced courses, consulting, live workshops and public speaking.  Pat helps people accelerate their sales and win more deals. He is an experienced  veteran seller and Vice President of sales. Before Sales Babble, Pat was the Vice President of Sales for a startup SaaS company . The company sold  emerging K-12 education technologies. As a sales manager,  Pat built sales teams, created sales processes, coached new sellers, trained sales engineers and marketing associates. Before his sales career, Pat was  an engineer and technology manager in the telecom industry. He holds two Patents for Wireless technology and two degrees in computer science. Pat can be found on Twitter (@pathelmers), LinkedIn or Facebook. Pat first visited with us on Episode 161 - Selling Robots (published 4/9/2015).