Amy Zalman, Ph.D., is currently the CEO & President of the World Future Society. She spent a decade in the private sector as the owner of Oryx Communications, which helped entities expanding into the Middle East and North Africa, and later in business development and research at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC, now Leidos), a Washington DC-based science and technology firm. From 2012-2014, Amy served as the first Department of Defense Chair of Information Integration at the U.S. National War College in Washington DC. She serves on the steering committee of the National Defense University Foresight Initiative, the Board of Directors of the Council on Emerging National Security Affairs, the Influence Advisory Panel, the Senior Information Operations Advisory Council and the Public Diplomacy Council. She is the founder of Strategic Narrative, which helps governments and the private sector use insights from storytelling to guide strategy and communications. She can be found online on Twitter (@stratnarrative). Amy first visited with us on Episode 168 - Made In The Future (published 5/7/2015).