Patrick Quinlan is the author of many books, including the suspense thrillers Smoked, The Drop Off, and his latest, Sexbot. In Sexbot, robotics engineer Susan Jones has discovered the key to immortality - downloading human awareness into intelligent machines.  About to be murdered for her secret, she downloads herself into the most intelligent machine available - Sexbot Number 9, the world's most advanced sex toy.  Both alive and dead, Susan Jones, now Number 9, sets off to solve and avenge her own murder. Patrick is also the co-author, with legendary film star Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, The Hitcher, Nighthawks), of Rutger's autobiography, All Those Moments.  Available in English and Dutch, All Those Moments was a Los Angeles Times bestseller. He can also be found on his website (, or on Twitter (@patricksquinlan). Patrick first visited with us on Episode 201 - I Dream Of Sexbots! (published 9/1/2015).