Lesley Carhart (GCFA, GREM) is the Digital Forensics and Incident Response team lead for a Fortune 500 managed service provider. Her passion is post-intrusion network, malware, and system forensics. In her 18 years in IT, Lesley has dealt with everything from aircraft avionics to conducting forensic analysis of sophisticated targeted attacks. Due to the InfoSec community being largely distracted by shiny exploits, she has made it her mission to better educate and mentor others on basic security concepts and InfoSec career paths.  She does this through educational blog series and article contributions, a prolific social media presence, and hacking talks and panels at a wide range of geekdom conventions. She can be found on her website, Tisiphone.net, or on Twitter (@hacks4pancakes). Lesley first visited with us on Episode 305 - Media Hacks (published 9/20/2016).