By Greg Lundeen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

SPECIAL GUEST: Kevin Kelly. Technology. It has shaped our culture, our society, our possibilities, and our selves. And it is accelerating. More and more of our evolution, socially, culturally, and even physically, is being shaped by our tools. We should understand the effects that this is having on us, the capabilities and biases and flows of our tech. In this episode, we're joined by Kevin Kelly, who's been thinking and writing about these issues for a while. As one of the founders of Wired magazine, he was on the ground floor of the Internet and has seen firsthand a lot of the amazing technologies that will shape our lives in the next few years. Now he has a new book, The Inevitable, about the forces driving these technologies. Join us on a journey into that future... Recorded 7/6/2016.


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Image Credit: By Greg Lundeen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons