Band Of Brothers

This is the episode that starts it all... the very first Robot Overlordz podcast. On this episode we tackle the joys of podcasting and look at the future of the US and our role in the world from two different perspectives. It's all about the American Empire, the Cold War, the War on Terror, and the future. Recorded on 10/24/2011. 


You can download the episode here


Mike & Matt's Recommended Reading:

The Iraq War Is Not Over, by Xeni Jardin (BoingBoing, 10/21/2011)

The Iraq War Ain’t Over, No Matter What Obama Says, by Spencer Ackerman ( - Danger Room, 10/21/2011)

5,500 Mercs to Protect U.S. Fortresses in Iraq, by Spencer Ackerman ( - Danger Room, 02/01/2011)

JOURNAL: Central Planning and The Fall of the US Empire, by John Robb (Global Guerrillas, 07/29/2011)



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Image Source: U.S. Army