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SPECIAL GUEST: Brett Horvath, Berit Anderson, & Michael Kaemingk (Scout.AI). In episode 173, we were joined by Brett Horvath to talk about the Kickstarter launch of Scout, a community and information site for people interested in the future. Now that Scout has launched, the whole leadership crew stopped by to talk about the launch, the site, the future, and the way society is changing. From some of the latest dispatches on Scout itself, to other stories that may be of interest to futurists, science fiction fans, and technologists, we tackle some of the big concerns that they've focused on and will be tackling going forward. Recorded 7/22/2016.


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Episode 173 - Scouting the Future, our first episode with Brett (5/26/2015)

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Image Credit: By ESO/B. Tafreshi ( ( [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons