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SPECIAL GUEST: Ford Fischer (News2Share). Series 2 is here! The first episode of the new Robot Overlordz podcast features guest Ford Fischer talking about his IndieGoGo project to fund a documentary on Transhumanism. We've talked about transhumanism before in Series 1, but the topic has become a bit more mainstream as some of the technologies and ideas of transhumanism have become more commonly known. Ford's documentary aims to take a look at the people and communities that are creating a new philosophy and how that philosophy is reshaping our politics and society. Tune in and find out more... plus a new bonus feature to Robot Overlordz, thanks to some prompting from the awesome Singularity Bros. Recorded 12/10/2016.


You can download the episode here...


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Image Credit: By Istar0 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons