By Sandis Helvigs [CC0], via Unsplash

SPECIAL GUESTS: Rob Miller and Douglisio DiMuccio (NEO). The second episode of the new Robot Overlordz podcast features guests Rob and Douglisio talking about their film project NEO, a theatrical, filmic look at neo-evolution. That's the idea that humanity is on the threshold of controlling our evolution. Technology is a key element of this process. From genetics to robotics, longevity to AI, this change is going to affect everyone... and NEO is a sneak peek at what's happening now. Tune in and find out more... plus a very special "One Awesome Thing". Recorded 12/11/2016.


You can download the episode here...


Mike's Recommended Reading:, the Neo site

NEO's YouTube channel

Voyage Creative Group, the production company behind NEO

Global Innovators Conference (GIC) site

H+ (Humanity+), an organization for transhumanists/posthumanists



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Image Credit: By Sandis Helvigs [CC0], via Unsplash